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Why should you have a doula?
Whether you are a new or seasoned parent, a doula can be an invaluable resource during the transition of adding a new baby to your world. During birth, a doula provides support specifically designed and focused on YOU, providing a satisfying and empowering birth experience. A postpartum doula assists in helping you adjust to life with a newborn, offering practical, emotional and informational support during that precious and sometimes stressful new parent haze. Whatever you need, a doula meets you where you are and walks along side you to help you have the most joyful parenthood.

Where am I located?

I am located in Indianapolis, Indiana. I serve my local community as well as the surrounding towns, up to an 80 mile radius. I can travel to Lebanon, Bloomington, Greencastle, Rushville and beyond. 



Rachel Francis
Joyful Parenthood Doula Services


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