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Woman holding her toddler sun and smiling, in Beech Grove Indiana

About Me

My name is Rachel Francis and I am an Indianapolis-based birth and postpartum doula.  I specialize in supporting families in home birth, birth center births, free births and unmedicated births, supporting mothers through postpartum depression and anxiety, and helping my clients advocate for themselves and their babies.

I became a doula because of the influence of my incredible midwife.

My midwife was the first person to look at me and tell me that my body was strong and capable, that this birth was mine and she was there to support me, not to control me.

She was the first person to notice my struggle with postpartum depression, and the first person to advocate for me when I couldn't advocate for myself.

My vision is to be for other women what Lynda was for me- the woman who will be
support and advocate for the mother.

As your doula, I come alongside you and your family, using my knowledge, experience and intuition to support you during the whole process. 

I look forward to the honor of serving you through this incredible journey.

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